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2020 FCAM Profession Development Conference Apparatus/Vehicle Online "Paper" Application

  1. Booth designations can be found on website under 'Vendors' tab, paper form

  2. Apparatus/Vehicle display Pricing

    Ambulance, Squad or light vehicle $1000 Fire Pumper $1200 Ladder or Aerial Device $1300 Discounts FCAM Members and or Collective Apparatus participant in total -$50.00. This discount will apply to each vehicle displayed by the same exhibitor.

  3. I will be displaying the following vehicle(s): (Please use the following template to make a list of the vehicle(s) you will display and include the following information: Vehicle 1  Type of vehicle __________________________________  Length of vehicle ________________________________  Width of vehicle at the widest points ______________________  Height of vehicle from floor to tallest point (for aerials this means not extended) ________________________________________________

  4. IF YOU ARE SELLING PRODUCT AT YOUR BOOTH – you will need to have your Tax ID with you.

  5. The DCU requires 15 DAYS advance notice of electrical requirements needs. Electrical requirements – requests made within 48 hours notice will pay an additional set up fee for electrical requirements.

    Do you require electrical services?


    For invoicing, payment or application questions contact Jack Parrow via , Thank You

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